The Best Way To Organize Your Quilting Supplies

A haphazard sewing area can mess up your entire work. It is important to store things properly to have a better control over quilting. First and foremost, place all the thread spools in transparent cartons. Stack them properly for an easy reach. To prevent the bobbin and thread spool from being tangled, tie the cut strips from the cling wrap around it. Matching thread spools and bobbin can be stored together. Stock the large and medium pizza boxes for organizing your quilt blocks. Make use of a vinyl tablecloth with a flannel back to hang the portable cloth that contains finishing nails and grommets.

You can also use the cloth for rolling the quilt blocks for further use. The pattern book is one that is often missed in the huge fabric roll. To keep them safe, utilize a hanger to hang it on a wall with the help of a nail. Choose magnetic sheets to craft a pin holder. All the sewing tools can be stored in a basket. It can also be hung on a pegboard for quick identification. You can also consider a revolving pencil holder to stack them. For storing needles, go in for trading-card dividers. The needles can also be inserted into felt squares.

Make use of the holders to store the fabric stash. To hang the thread clippers and small scissors, choose an acrylic suction-cup. It can be placed adjacent to the sewing machine. Similarly, go in for a pen cap to put a seam ripper. Select basting guns to connect and arrange paperwork, quilt blocks, and block pieces. They are an ideal choice for securing buttons and fixes for curtains. Use a divided tomato pincushion to store needles. The refrigerator is a better option to save the glue sticks. It prevents the glue from molding or drying. Finally, use a plastic drying rack to stack the cut fabric strips. Enjoy quilting in an organized fashion.

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